Chris Larson

he / him / his
Innovation & Evaluation Manager, VP
"I’m proud to point out to family and friends the Craft3-financed businesses strengthening our local economies."

It makes sense that Chris began his professional life as a geologist. He has a keen ability to uncover things that need attention, and the tenacity to keep digging until he gets a clear picture of the situation. (He also started a consulting firm that figured out what to do about the uncovered things, but that’s another story.)

The Innovation and Evaluation team takes on “big” cross-team projects, things like building a new lending platform and developing a framework to promote enhanced organizational learning. So in his downtime, Chris likes to keep it simple – some hiking, some reading, and proving that everything tastes better with green chilies.

Chris joined Craft3 in 2018, after a long career focused on bringing new products and ventures to life. He’s in his happy place when following his own curiosity, And, after retiring as a driver for his children, he is re-discovering the concept of hobbies.