Drew Kingery

Software Development Manager
"I get to play in a space that never sits still which means I don't have to either."

Drew manages software development and maintenance for Craft3. In the ever-changing technology landscape, any IT team is going to be both challenged and energized by the pace at which things change. The key to keeping up, says Drew, is to focus on staying in step with change while properly pacing the company’s movement with industry shifts.

Drew’s role allows him to work across the entire company, which he admits is his sweet spot. “I get to interact and brainstorm with many other staff at the company. At Craft3 this is a great position to be in because everyone here is extremely creative and intelligent. I get to learn so many things that don't fall directly in line with my defined responsibilities which makes my job even more enjoyable.”

Before joining Craft3, Drew spent 10 years managing a small business that provided software and hardware development for the timber industry. He is an avid traveler, an amateur leather worker, and a proud dog dad to Taco and Dash.