Fernando Rodriguez

he / him / his
Business Intelligence Architect
"When I was hired in 2004, Craft3 was trying to learn how to better support the Hispanic community. We found each other and I am still here!"

Fernando lives, breathes, and thinks data. His work helps the organization keep all data components — including finance, accounting, and lending data — working together. “Once all data components are working together, I transform raw data into meaningful and logical information appropriate for use within business intelligence tools.”

When asked to detail his previous experience, Fernando laughs. “How far back do you want to go? I am originally from Morelia Michoacán, México but I have been living in Long Beach, Washington for over 20 years. I was a teacher’s assistant in a high school and a baker while developing my English skills. Before that, I was a Computer Science professor at Universidad Latina de América and worked at Banco de México FIRA as a software developer and systems analyst.”

Fernando joined Craft3 in 2004 and has always been an active volunteer in the community. He is currently serving as Vice President of El Centro NW, an organization focused on empowering the Hispanic community with access to academic, financial, health and cultural resources. Fernando also enjoys baking and gardening.