Genesis Torres

she / her / hers
Loan Servicing Coordinator
"I love being able to make a difference and be a pillar for individuals in need."

Genesis was drawn to work for Craft3 by seeing the need in her own rural community for a company focused on making a difference for individuals in need. In her current role she provides support for Craft3’s bilingual customers, and she is always happy to hear from a satisfied client.

The company values of equity and opportunity are well aligned with her own values. Genesis previously served on the Diversity Advocate Board of Whitman College. “Being a minority in the administration, I felt like I could make a difference and bring more equity to higher-ed employment.”

Genesis joined Craft3 in 2022 and is learning about agriculture in her free time. “I love the idea of nurturing and growing something and learning how to use the land to its full potential organically.”