Jonathan Miller

Credit Risk Assessment Manager, VP
"I love working with such a talented and energetic team."

Jonathan is a quiet wonder on the Risk Management team. He is completely unflappable, genuinely kind to all, and rock-solid in his analysis and risk management recommendations. He has the rare ability to distill complex financial analysis into clear, actionable information, and his Board presentations have become legend.

What is less obvious about Jonathan is his deep appreciation and encyclopedic knowledge of movies and music. The man cannot be stumped, and competition to get him on a trivia team at staff retreats is fierce.

Jonathan joined Craft3 in 2003, eager to find fulfilling work in the rural community he calls home. He earned a BA in Finance from Pacific University and an MBA in Finance from University of Portland and began his career as a securities analyst. In his spare time Jonathan volunteers with local 4-H and Wishing Tree programs.