Julie King

Consumer Credit Risk Officer, AVP
"I know that my position in the company has purpose, and that I am valued."

Julie has extensive banking experience in both Consumer and Commercial lending, and her current role enables her to share that experience with the rest of the Consumer team. As is often the case, Julie was drawn to Craft3 by a referral, from her best friend. “She knew I was looking to make a change, and offered encouragement and support during the transition.”

“My connection to Craft3’s mission is the financial empowerment we provide to clients experiencing financial hardship. The pandemic has been an especially hard time for all of us. I have gotten to know a lot about clients, their life stories, and the loss they may have experienced. I am happy that we can work out solutions that fit their circumstances.”

Julie joined Craft3 in 2020, after working in community banking for 22 years. She took a leap into the world of quilting in 2019, and in 2023 will be the President elect of her local quilting guild. “This is not your grandmother's hobby! There are conventions, symposiums, festivals, shop hops, quilt trails, and support for locally owned shops. I want to continue to learn from this great group of folx."