Katie Jalo

Consumer Loan Servicing Specialist
"I am part of an organization that cares about me and my well-being while also doing great things to empower communities across my two favorite states."

Katie focuses on customer service, assisting customers with questions about their Craft3 loan, performing loan servicing transactions, processing transactions and payoffs, and more. “When I am able to solve a complex problem or find a creative solution to something, I feel accomplished and happy.”

Before joining Craft3, Katie held a wide variety of jobs including cheese monger, wine steward, and two stints as a temporary Craft3 employee. Katie is curious and loves learning new things and new skills. She has a B.S. in Sociology from Southern Oregon University and a master’s degree in Public Administration from The Evergreen State College.

This love of learning extends beyond work. Katie enjoys spending time outdoors (whether biking, hiking, or camping), traveling, reading, watching movies, and learning about other cultures. “It is important to me to have a good understanding of the world around me and to understand current inequalities. I understand that I am a person with privilege, and I am always wanting to find ways to use that to help others.”