Ken Thomas

Commercial Credit Officer - Origination, SVP
"It’s not often that you can use traditional financing tools in flexible ways that enable you to build community resilience and narrow the wealth gap."

On Ken’s team, the “craft” in Craft3 really comes to the forefront. The Commercial Underwriting team works with Lenders, Risk Management and the borrower to build an elegant yet robust financial structure that will best “house” each business loan. The work is both art and science, and requires maintaining a delicate balance between capital preservation and community impacts.

“After working in the capital markets for years, it is inspiring to utilize many of the same analytical skills in a mission-based way, where maximizing the investor return means more than who generated the greatest fortune. Every loan, small or large, builds on a base that can grow a community’s resilience or improve a person’s financial health.”

Ken joined Craft3 in 2014, after working as an analyst and portfolio manager. He holds a BS from Portland State University in Finance and Management. Ken’s also a recent convert to the pandemic-era sourdough club, and never forgets to bring the donuts for team meetings.