Mark Feldman

Content and Creative Strategist
"I love explaining things that may feel complicated or intimidating, whether it’s a finance concept, the history of residential segregation, or something more mundane like how to apply for a loan. Clarity matters as does meeting people where they are."

Mark focuses on telling stories — large and small — and creating compelling content for key Craft3 audiences, including entrepreneurs, homeowners, investors, bankers, and community partners. Mark uses words to inform, persuade, describe, and inspire. He also supervises a freelance graphic designer who makes our materials – from brochures to annual reports, branded items to loan applications – user-friendly and beautiful.

While Mark sees plenty of flaws in capitalism, he understands it’s the system we have and he is thrilled to support Craft3’s efforts to make it more equitable and accessible to all. Mark is passionate about communicating the historical inequities that created current disparities and creating content that empowers and educates entrepreneurs and homeowners.

Prior to joining Craft3 in 2021, Mark worked for a financial services company, and before that he was a communications consultant and freelance writer for a range of private- and public-sector clients. He has also taught writing, rhetoric and oral communications at UC Berkeley and Stanford University. Mark has a PhD in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley and, sometimes, it is actually useful. Outside of work, Mark strives to display thought leadership around dinner, to stay active so he can keep up with his long-distance running children, to further his Spanish skills, and to explore remote areas of the Pacific Northwest.