Martha Pulido

she / her / hers
Sr. Consumer Lender - Bilingual
"When I translated for my parents at a young age, I realized the importance that accessibility and inclusivity have in my community. I'm proud to say that at Craft3 I'm able to help Spanish-speaking customers access our Home Energy loans."

Martha enjoys her work with the Consumer team, helping potential borrowers learn about Craft3’s energy loans. “I'm proud to be able to help Spanish speaking people and talk about what Craft3 does and how it can help them. Craft3's mission is personal to me because it's focused on vital issue like inclusion, equity and mitigating climate change - all things that have been important throughout my life and often not attainable.”

She also was drawn to Craft3 because of their reputation as a family-friendly employer. “Craft3 struck me as a company that valued employee family life - we all have a job to do but I've never been made to feel guilty when I need to put my well-being or my family's well-being first.”

Martha joined Craft3 in 2020, after working previously in commercial loan documentation and healthcare. She has lived all over the West and Southwest but is happy to call Walla Walla home. An avid indoor gardener, Martha plans to pursue further studies in finance or accounting.