Megan Hulsey

Business Lender, VP
"For me, success means being able to say "yes" to a client who has only heard "no" before."

With firsthand experience as a small business owner, Megan has a special affinity with entrepreneurs. She understands that building a business is hard work, and she is always looking for opportunities to connect customer with resources, provide education around business and financial practices, and encourage them through a demanding and sometimes difficult process.

“What I love about Craft3 is that we provide access to capital for people who historically are shut out of financial circles. These new business owners are creating interesting, innovative businesses and laying the foundation for generational wealth and family resilience. I take every chance I can get to share the stories of their successes.”

Before joining Craft3 in 2019, Megan was deeply involved in the region’s startup ecosystem, directing the programs and entrepreneur development at StartUp Spokane and helping develop the pre-seed investment fund Mind to Market. She also volunteers with 2nd Harvest Food Bank, and enjoys spending time outdoors — cycling, paddling, hiking, and rock climbing.