Renee Castilla

she / her / hers
Administration Manager and Corporate Secretary
"Craft3’s mission is meaningful to me, because my work and my humanity are tied to my neighbors."

Renee models the true spirit of community every day. “I love that I support a team that strives to use capital to build resilience, lessen the racial wealth gap, and expand economic opportunity for all. What could be more motivating than the happiness of my neighbor?”

Before Craft3, Renee worked with Central City Concern supporting the Healthcare Leadership team. She takes  a great deal of satisfaction from supporting Executive teams. “I am proud at the end of every Board meeting, knowing that my role has immediate impact on the success of our Board and our senior leaders.”

Renee joined Craft3 in 2020 and is currently working toward a BS in Business Administration. She is a fierce defender of animal rights, volunteering with Oregon Mastiff rescue and fostering absolutely giant dogs as they recover and await a new forever home.