Roni Monteith

Chief Credit Officer, EVP
“I've been at Craft3 a long time. I've loved being part of an ever-changing and growing organization whose mission has always been to help individuals, businesses and the community prosper. Seeing (and sometimes helping) colleagues grow into their roles in the organization has been extremely gratifying.”

Roni maintains high-quality loan portfolios and compliance management systems that meet Craft3’s mission, financial, and risk goals. She monitors credit performance to safeguard Craft3 and ensures we can continue to focus on our mission.  

While Roni oversees risk management, Craft3’s mission resonates deeply with her. “I love working on deals across the spectrum of our mission - loans that help entrepreneurs grow or start their business, loans that support community facilities and loans that support reducing the impact of climate impact.”

When not reviewing spreadsheets and credit memos, Roni is an avid reader (mostly SciFi, but also nonfiction). She also enjoys spending time outside whether gardening (converting her yard to native plants), walking, hiking, biking, or kayaking.