Saif Hakim

Commercial Lending Director, SVP
"I love that Craft3 is built for and committed to supporting underserved organizations and small businesses. That’s my passion and I am able to truly follow it at Craft3."

Saif oversee the commercial lending team. “From meeting with potential clients and referral partners, to designing new financing products, to supporting my team in underwriting and approving loans, my position keeps me grounded and engaged with our mission and community.”

Saif has always had a passion for small businesses and community development. As part of the Muslim community, he’s proud to have developed Shari’a-compliant financing to enable Muslim-owned businesses and organizations to access capital while staying true to their religious beliefs.

Saif joined Craft3 in 2017, bringing 20 years in community banking experience and a stint as the founder of a tech company that helped small businesses access digital resources. His volunteer work is currently centered on his kids’ sports teams, and recently he’s been involved in creating a foundation with family members to help make social services accessible to the Muslim community.