Seth Greenfest

Public Affairs Analyst
"Part of what drew me to Craft3 is its origins in rural Washington in response to the loss of local industry. Having grown up in upstate New York where in the early 1990s many industries left after NAFTA went into effect, I have experienced the effect that macroeconomics changes can have on communities. I admire Craft3's roots and dedication to helping communities develop alternatives to traditional industries."

Seth researches and analyzes local, state, and federal laws and programs to identify new opportunities for Craft3. He also engages with stakeholders in Washington and Oregon to develop new relationships and strengthen existing partnerships.

Before joining Craft3, Seth was a Senior Policy and Legislation Analyst with University of Washington Human Resources where he focused on tracking and analyzing proposed and enacted laws with impact on UW's staff and student employees. He has a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Washington. Seth studied American politics and the federal court system and focused on understanding how access to the federal courts changes over time (hint: politics plays a role!).

Outside of work, Seth reads widely (mainly nonfiction and biographies), does the New York Times Crossword puzzle, gardens, and plays with his dogs, Mango and Maple. Seth has a keen interest in science and he enjoys reading about physics, time, black holes, and the universe, in an effort to understand “how it all works and how we fit into it all.”