Tawni Regier

she / her / hers
Compliance Manager, VP
"At Craft3 we are never afraid to be bold and pave the way. This creates important impacts in our communities and keeps our organization creative and innovative."

Tawni manages organizational compliance ensuring we meet all corporate and funder requirements and regulations. She is focused on growing her knowledge around regulatory compliance and building a team to support Craft3’s increased reporting and documentation needs.

Tawni has an unusually personal connection to Craft3’s work. “My brother was an entrepreneur with a dream that no bank believed in. Craft3 financed him, and he is now bankable and thriving. The work that Craft3 does has personally helped his family become more economically secure.”

Tawni joined Craft3 in 2010, and has been an active volunteer in the Astoria community. She has volunteered with many agencies including Clatsop County CASA, Wishing Tree, Filling Empty Bellies and Clatsop County 4H.