Tawny Reader

Consumer Lending Team Manager, VP
"I love getting to think outside the box and use that creativity to help our customers."

Tawny’s work on the consumer lending team gives her ample opportunity to witness the impact Craft3’s mission-focused lending can have. “A septic system replacement loan not only helps a family stay healthy and happy in their home, but it also employs local contractors, and keeps waterways clean for our neighbors and native animals to enjoy and thrive!”

Success for Tawny, not surprisingly, is hearing from grateful homeowners after a loan disbursement. “We have replaced aged and unhealthy homes, we have funded housing for family members, and we have provided much needed heating or cooling. When we get thank you letters telling us how much it made a difference in the lives of their family, that feels like success!”

Tawny joined Craft3 in 2016, after working as a banker with Umpqua Bank and Butte Community Bank. She and her family spend time outdoors hiking and horseback riding, and as her children get a little older she’s weighing going back to school for a Master’s degree.