Yasmin Smith

she / her / hers
Commercial Credit Underwriter
"In my first year at Craft3, I worked on loans for tribal fisherman, non-profits, restaurants and service industries, and childcare centers. It is never boring – even now!"

In her role on the Commercial Underwriting team, Yasmin appreciates that there is an equity lens applied to credit-worthiness. “I find it exciting that we purposefully try to expand our underwriting and risk criteria to allow us to be more equitable in our lending. And that we explicitly are willing to take on more perceived risk if we are providing capital to a typically underserved community or borrower.”

Prior to Craft3, Yasmin spent 15 years in banking and accounting. While volunteering for a non-profit she saw how lending could expand economic opportunities and create generational wealth. That realization helped Yasmin decide to apply to Craft3 and put her deep skills to use in a new setting.

Yasmin joined Craft3 in 2021 and loves exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband and son. Travel is important to Yasmin, both to her home state of Hawai’i and international destinations. “In addition to seeing beautiful places, travel is an opportunity to experience other cultures firsthand.”