Clean Water Loans


When a septic system fails it's often costly to replace or repair it. For homeowners, the situation can be urgent. Public health agencies require prompt repair to ensure the safety of your family and your neighbors; a failing septic system can make a home unlivable; and if you can't afford to repair or replace your system you may even be forced out of your home.

Craft3 offers Clean Water Loans to finance septic system repair and replacement. Our loans cover all eligible permitting, design, and installation costs; they have lower rates for lower-income borrowers; and they are designed to be accessible to borrowers who may not have perfect credit.

Our loans safeguard:

water quality


Affordable and accessible financing for septic repair or replacement helps homeowners stay in their homes.

Water quality

Our Clean Water Loans ensure clean water for homeowners, communities, and the broader region.


Natural resources

Healthy shellfish and fisheries depend on clean water.

Local businesses

Craft3-financed septic projects have meant more than $47 million in work for small businesses.

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NOTE: Special grants and loans available for homeowners to repair septic systems damaged in Oregon’s 2020 wildfires. Learn more.


When failing septic systems were contaminating Willapa Bay, Washington and threatening the livelihood of oyster growers, we saw an opportunity to help. We launched our Clean Water lending program in 2003 to help homeowners finance septic system repairs and ensure clean water for the entire community. Since then, we have expanded our program into new regions and financed septic projects for 2,000 families.