Financing a New Septic System for Charles and Sharon

  • 131,400 gallons of wastewater treated
  • $217,830 real estate assets strengthened
  • $24,000 work for local contractor

When their septic system stopped working, Scio homeowners Charles and Sharon had no idea that getting it repaired would be so complicated. Contractors hired to pump out the system kept digging deeper and deeper on the property, but found that the fiber conduit pipe used to construct the original septic system had simply rotted away.

"Then it wasn’t clear who could provide services to the property, which lays within 300 feet of the city sewer lines, but outside the city’s planned expansion plans. While the jurisdiction question remained in the air, Charles was searching on the internet and asking neighbors who’d had septic repairs for recommendations, without much luck.

Finally, a referral from a county employee pointed Charles and Sharon to Craft3 and the Clean Water Loan. A Craft3 lender worked with them and contractor John Powell, making sure they understood the process of securing the loan and installing a new system.

Although the install was delayed because of a wet spring, they now have a new septic system and peace of mind that they can comfortably remain in their home of 15 years."