Clean Water Loans & Grants

Financial Assistance to Repair Septic Systems Damaged in Oregon’s 2020 Wildfires

Available July 1, 2022

Many Oregon homes were damaged or destroyed in the devastating 2020 wildfires. Onsite septic systems were hard hit. Even with funds available through the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other disaster recovery programs, for many homeowners septic system repairs are prohibitively expensive.

The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and Craft3 are partnering to offer a unique financial aid package to help homeowners impacted by the 2020 wildfires.  Fire-impacted homeowners can apply for both a loan and a grant to repair or replace their onsite septic system. Eligible borrowers will be offered grant resources on a sliding scale based on annual household income. This grant award can cover a significant share of project costs. Onsite septic system project costs that exceed the grant award can be covered by an affordable Craft3 loan.

Eligible homeowners can receive a grant to help pay for part of your septic project. Grant funds are limited, so apply soon. We offer affordable financing for homeowners facing a septic system repair or replacement. No upfront fees and perfect credit not required. 


To be eligible you must meet the two following criteria:

1. Live in a fire-affected zip code listed below

County Zip Code
 Clackamas   97004, 97017, 97022, 97023, 97038, 97045, 97067, 97358, 97375, 97381
 Curry  97534
 Deschutes  97413, 97737, 97759
 Douglas  97447, 97541, 97604, 97731
 Jackson  97501, 97504, 97520, 97522, 97524, 97535, 97536, 97539, 97540, 97541, 97544, 97604
 Jefferson  97037, 97342, 97350, 97730, 97759, 97761
 Josephine  97523, 97534, 97544
 Klamath  97523, 97534, 97544
 Lake  97636
 Lane   97386, 97413, 97438, 97447, 97454, 97478, 97488, 97489, 97759
 Lincoln  98368
 Linn  97342, 97346, 97350, 97358, 97360, 97383, 97386, 97413, 97454, 97478, 97488, 97759
 Marion  97038, 97342, 97346, 97350, 97358, 97360, 97375, 97381, 97383, 97384
 Sherman  97037
 Tillamook  97368
 Wasco  97037, 97761

2. Provide one of the documents listed below to demonstrate fire damage

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) determination letter
  • Homeowner insurance claim documentation of the wildfire damage
  • Existing septic system evaluation reports documenting fire damage
  • "Right of entry" document
  • County verification
  • Fire debris cleanup by the state or its contractor’s records

Please contact a Craft3 Clean Water Lender at 888-231-2170 ext.125 if you believe you may be eligible but answered no to one of the above questions.

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  • Costs of onsite septic system repair or replacement
  • Labor must be performed by a licensed installer
  • Design fees are eligible


  1. Expenses incurred before July 1, 2022 are not eligible for reimbursement by Craft3
  2. Labor expenses if the septic work is performed by the borrower
  3. Any and all expenses if work is conducted by non-licensed installer or maintenance provider, or outside of DEQ rules


Eligible homeowners can receive a grant to help pay for part of your septic project. Grant funds are limited and are available thanks to federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and DEQ. Apply soon to access funds while they’re still available.

The grants do not need to be paid back. The amount you’re eligible for is based on your annual income, with lower-income homeowners receiving larger awards. Annual income is based on the most recent full calendar year. For example, if you apply in 2022, we will look at your 2021 annual household income. The chart below shows the grant amount you may be eligible for based on your annual household income.

Annual Household Income for the most recent full calendar year
Grant Amount
Up to $35,000 and owner-occupied $20,000
$35,001-$55,000 and owner-occupied $15,000
$55,001 - $80,000 and owner-occupied $10,000
 More than $80,000 and/or any non-owner-occupied property $5,000


Craft3 is proud to offer Clean Water Loans to finance the costs of septic system repair and replacements that are not covered by a grant. Our loans cover all eligible permitting, design, and installation costs; they have lower rates for lower-income borrowers; and they are designed to be accessible to borrowers who may not have perfect credit. In some cases, you can even finance connection to a nearby municipal sewer. Rates and terms are determined by applicants’ annual household income.



Household Income
Interest Rate
Term Options
Up to $35,000
(2.36% APR*)
Deferred payments**


Deferred payment option:

$24,000 loan amount,
No monthly payments for 179 months,
Balloon payment of $34,144 due on the 180th month based on 2.36% APR.
Up to $55,000
(4.79% APR*)

Interest-only payment option:

$24,000 loan amount,
$94 interest payment for 179 months,
Balloon payment of $24,889 due on 180th month based on 4.79% APR.
Greater than $55,000
- or -
Non-owner-occupied, secondary home
(5.99% APR*)
Fully-amortized payments
Fully-amortized repayment:

$24,000 loan amount,
$202 for 180 months at 5.99% APR.
*APR, Annual Percentage Rate based on example loan criteria.
**Deferred Payment option maximum loan amount is $35,000 and maximum loan-to-value is 80 percent.
***Interest-only Payment option maximum loan amount is $45,000 and maximum loan-to-value of 100 percent.
Loan availability, terms and conditions current as of 11/01/21 and are subject to change. Examples include financing of Craft3 $795 loan fee. All loan applications are subject to credit, property and project approval. Maximum loan amount and Loan to Value apply and are subject to equity value and underwriting requirements for all programs. Loans are secured by a UCC-1A filing recorded with the county. Subordination may be available with lender approval, fees may apply. Principal balance and interest (if applicable) is due on sale, transfer, refinance or maturity.


Craft3 supports homeowners every step of the way. Here's how it works.
review process
Determine your Eligibility
Complete an online questionnaire to determine your eligibility for grant funding. We may need to ask you follow-up questions or collect additional documentation. If you are approved, Craft3 will issue a grant reservation letter and let you know the dollar amount of your grant award.
apply online
If necessary, apply for a Clean Water Loan with Craft3 to fund the remainder of your project. 
home contract
Work with your contractor to design your system, receive permits and finalize project cost. NOTE: Your contractor must be approved by the Department of Environmental Quality to conduct septic system replacement work. Contact your local health jurisdiction for a list of approved contractors.
Securely sign your electronic loan documents. By request, document signing is also available via postal mail.
When your loan documents are signed, your contractor can get to work. Once the Certificate of Satisfaction or Completion is provided and the work is completed to your satisfaction, you authorize final payment to your contractor.
Repay your loan with automated payments from your bank account.


Or give us a call and we can walk you through our financing options and answer any questions you may have, 888-231-2170 ext 125.



  1. Can I be reimbursed in advance for eligible expenses? Or be reimbursed for expenses already incurred? Craft3 will pay approved contractors directly. Homeowners may not be eligible for reimbursement for expenses incurred before loan approval. Please see lender for more information.
  2. What if I don’t have documentation that shows my home was affected by fire? Please reach out to our Clean Water Lending Team at 888-231-2170 x 225 to learn more about eligibility requirements.
  3. Are second homes / non owner-occupied homes eligible? Yes. Please reach out to our Clean Water Lending Team at 888-231-2170 x 225 for more information.
  4. What if my home was affected by fire but isn’t located in one of the zip codes above? Craft3 has attempted to provide a complete list of the areas affected by the 2020 fires. If you were affected but don’t see your zip code on the list, please reach out to our Clean Water Lending Team at 888-231-2170 x 225.
  5. My property needs much more than just a septic system replacement. Can I apply for a loan and grant under this program and still be eligible for fire recovery funding offered elsewhere? Eligibility for other fire recovery funding is outside of Craft3’s control. Please see the list of other available resources at the bottom of this page. Contact these agencies directly for more information. 
  6. How many days will it take from loan application to project completion? You will hear from your lender within three business days regarding next steps on your grant/loan approval. Project completion timelines will vary, and are dependent on a number of factors beyond Craft3 control, including weather conditions, contractor availability, and permitting.