Clean Water Loans

Contractor Resources

The Clean Water Loan program depends on contractors like you! By participating you can help homeowners make urgent, unexpected and costly septic repairs and potentially grow your business. This page includes a variety of resources to support you.

Clean Water Loan Process

Here are the basics of how the Clean Water Loan program works.

  1. Customer applies for a loan at
  2. Contractor and customer work on a bid based on the approved design.
  3. Bid is provided to Craft3 and loan documents are prepared for customer signature.
  4. 50 percent of the bid amount is disbursed to the contractor upon loan signing.
  5. Remaining balance is paid upon work completion and county approval.
NOTE: Projects in Washington State must be assessed by the Department of Ecology for any potential adverse effects to cultural resources, such as archaeological objects, or historic properties. This review takes approximately 30 days.

Sign Up

To work with customers who have financing through the Craft3 Clean Water Loan, you’ll need to complete the following and email them to


Once you complete those, you’ll be ready to work with customers who are financing their septic project with Craft3.

Additional Information

The Clean Water Loan is available throughout Washington and Oregon (starting November 1). To support you and your customers we’ve created a range of downloadable resources.

  • Program Overview: This 2-page PDF offers an overview of the Clean Water Loan for contractors.
  • Orientation Package: This longer PDF covers everything contractors need to know about Craft3 Clean Water Loans and includes the forms you’ll need to sign up.
  • Rate Sheet: This PDF accompanies the Orientation Package to provide the most recent Clean Water Loan rate and term information. 
  • Brochure: The brochure explains the program for homeowners. You can request brochures using our online form. We’ll be happy to send you what you need!
  • Clean Water Project Workflow: While projects vary, this 2-page PDF outline the typical stages and shows who is responsible for each stage.
  • Orientation Webinar: This webinar covers everything contractors needs to know about recommending the Clean Water Loan to homeowners in Washington.

  • Guide to Cultural Resources Review: Projects in Washington must be assessed by the State Department of Ecology for any potential adverse effects to culture resources, including archeological objects and historic properties. This 2-page PDF details the review process.

    Marketing Materials

    If you’d like to include information about the Craft3 Clean Water Loan on your website, you can use either of these paragraphs:

    • [CONTRACTOR NAME] partners with Craft3, a local nonprofit lender, to offer Clean Water Loans. These loans can finance the repair or replacement of a failing septic system and can cover the full design, permit, installation and maintenance costs. Financing is often available to borrowers with imperfect credit or limited equity in their home and lower rates are available for low-income borrowers. Please visit for more information or to apply. You may also contact Craft3 at

    • You may be eligible for a Clean Water Loan offered by Craft3, a local nonprofit, non-bank lender. These loans help homeowners repair or replace failing septic systems. The loan covers the full costs of designing, permitting, installing and maintaining a new septic system. Perfect credit not required. To learn more or apply, visit You may also contact Craft3 at

    And if you’d like to include information about Craft3 on your website, you can use one or more sentences of the paragraph below.

    • Craft3 is a non-bank nonprofit community lender that helps homeowners across Oregon and Washington finance energy upgrades, replace failing septic systems and build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Craft3 also lends to established nonprofits and growing and start-up businesses – including many that don’t qualify for traditional loans. Craft3 strives to build resilience, lessen the racial wealth gap and create economic opportunity by expanding access to capital. 


As always, if you have questions or would like additional help, please reach out by email or phone 888-231-2170 ext. 125. Thanks for your partnership!