Meeting Customers Where They Are

$300,000 local real estate strengthened

127 kWh hours saved annually

37.78 MBTUs conserved annually

2.37 metric tons of greenhouse gas averted annually

When you’ve just purchased a home, taking on another major project and expense may feel impossible. A Craft3 Home Energy Loan might be able to help.

When Tina bought her home, she explains that “just about everything was new, except for the AC which was very old. It stopped working almost at once, on a very hot day. I was worried.”

She was worried that she wouldn’t qualify for a loan and that if she did that the monthly payment would be unaffordable. Craft3 lenders understand those stresses and uncertainties and we’ll meet you where you are and be patient and respectful.

Tina reached out to Craft3 to learn more about our Home Energy Loans. Here’s what she has to say about the experience: “I felt taken care of right from the start and respected. That is very important to me. As a social worker I am accustomed to listening to and caring for others. It’s amazing to be on the receiving end of care. Martha, my lender, was very personal, never aggressive or dismissive, and she always listened carefully and responded promptly.”

Tina used her Craft3 Home Energy Loan to finance the purchase of a new AC. She was pleased with the affordable monthly payment and also with the comfort and peace of mind it has provided: “I do not like the heat, nor do my four dogs. It’s very important to me that they are cool and safe. They’re my family.”