Replacing a Failing Septic System on a Fixed Income

  • 87,600 Gallons of wastewater treated annually
  • $332,251 Locally-owned real estate improved

What do you do when you’re on a fixed income and find sewage seeping in your backyard? That’s exactly the question Chris asked himself in August.

While mowing the grass, he noticed standing water that just wouldn’t drain. He wasn’t sure what it was. But the one thing he was sure of — it didn’t smell good!

As he feared, his septic system had failed. Shane Johnson from Septic Solutions NW explained to him that the system was over 25 years old, well past its life expectancy. Chris needed to replace both the entire system — the tank and drain field.

And as a 25-year U.S. Air Force veteran living on military retirement and social security, he didn’t have $22,000 to fix a failing septic system. His situation was critical.

Luckily, Whatcom County Health Department provided him with a few financial solutions. And with the Craft3 Clean Water Loan being first on his list, he didn’t have to look any further.

Today, Chris can sit out back and enjoy his quiet neighborhood and its wildlife with peace of mind that his home is safe. He has a fully functioning septic system that will last him for years — and extra funds to maintain it properly.