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Our home energy loans help hundreds of Oregon homeowners annually.

Our simple and accessible financing lets you borrow the full cost of eligible energy improvements whether it’s installing a heat pump, insulating your home, or upgrading your hot water heater.

Financing to Fit

Finance up to 100 percent of eligible energy efficiency measures up to a maximum loan amount of $30,000.

Simple Terms

No up-front loan fees or prepayment penalties. Perfect credit not required.

Fair Rates

Competitive interest rates, with no rate increase for lower credit scores.

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Home Energy Loans

Make A Change For The Better

Our financing has helped hundreds of homeowners. Our team makes it easy and helps you every step of the way. We look forward to working with you!


  • Offered to Portland General Electric customers.
  • Perfect credit not required.
  • To assist in our loan decision, we may assess the last 12 months of your utility payments.
  • Property must be owner-occupied.
  • Detached single-family homes are eligible for all financing offers.
  • Condominiums, townhomes, manufactured homes and small multifamily properties may be eligible for certain offers.

Rates & Terms

  • Competitive interest rates, with no rate increase for lower credit scores.
  • Finance up to 100 percent of eligible measures up to a maximum loan amount of $30,000.
  • No up-front loan fees or prepayment penalties.


  • Convenient repayment through your utility bill.
  • Portland General Electric (PGE) customers are eligible for the Craft3 Home Energy Loan, Oregon On-Bill Repayment and Savings Within Reach On-Bill Repayment. Certain households may also be eligible for free or low-cost weatherization services. For more information about free services and rebates, contact Energy Trust of Oregon at 866-311-1822.
  • Savings Within Reach On-Bill Repayment may be available depending on your annual income. Visit Savings Within Reach for income guidelines and incentive eligibility.
Craft3 Home Energy Loan
(On-Bill Repayment)
Oregon On-Bill Repayment
Savings Within Reach On-Bill Repayment*
Loan Amount
$2,500 - $30,000
$2,500 - $15,000
under $2,500
$2,500 - $15,000
up to 15 years
up to 10 years
up to 5 years for amounts under $2,500
up to 10 years for amounts $2,500 - $15,000
Loan Fee
Recording Fee
15-year, $15,000 loan at 8.99% (9.24% APR**).
180 payments of $154.02 per month.
10-year, $10,000 loan at 8.99% (9.47% APR**).
120 payments of $128.93 per month.
5-year, $1,500 loan at 8.49%(8.49% APR**).
60 payments of $31.85 per month.
10-year, $10,000 loan at 8.49% (8.49% APR**).
120 payments of $126.17 per month.

* Learn more about Savings Within Reach - Energy Trust of Oregon.
** APR, Annual Percentage Rate based on example loan criteria and assuming a 3-month construction period.
*** Loan availability, terms and conditions current as of 01/01/24 and are subject to change. All loan applications are subject to credit and project approval. Applicants must be a customer of a listed participating utility. Loans are secured by a UCC-1A filing recorded with the county. Subordination may be available with lender approval, fees may vary. Principal balance and interest is due on sale, transfer, refinance or maturity. Examples include financing of Loan Fee and Recording Fee, where applicable.

Financing Your Home Energy Project With Craft3

Get Started TodayIniciar

Our online application is user-friendly and we’re standing by to help. Pre-approval in as few as three to five business days.


Work with your contractor to finalize project cost.

NOTE: Your contractor must be approved as a trade ally by the program and/or utility. Contact us here for more information.


Securely sign your electronic loan documents. By request, document signing is also available by mail.


When your loan documents are signed, your contractor can get to work. When you’re satisfied with the work, you authorize final payment to your contractor.

NOTE: Some programs require a post-project review before final payment can be made to your contractor.


Repay your loan with automated payments through your utility bill.

Customer Stories

Energy-Efficiency Upgrades for a Seattle Home

Tanya loved her 1900 Central Seattle home. But she didn’t love her oil furnace, which was very expensive to run. Nor did she love the fact that her home had almost no insulation. She needed to find a way to make her home energy-efficient and cut costs.

Pay it Forward

Our Lending Model

When you repay your loan, we use that money to make other loans. This allows us to serve more homeowners. Over time, this makes a big difference for communities, local economies, and the environment.

Craft3's Lending Model

Additional Resources

Portland General Electric offers additional programs and rebates that may help you save money or time.

Energy Trust of Oregon also offers rebates and incentives.

Download the Home Energy Loan brochure for Oregon homeowners with PGE as their utility. Available in English and Español.

Download this Home Energy Loan FAQ that answers the questions most commonly asked.

Our Team

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