Financing a Heat Pump for a 1901 Home

  • $1,000 rebates leveraged
  • 2 metric tons of greenhouse gases averted
  • $181,690 locally-owned real estate improved

When Frank and Shellie purchased their 1901 Aurora home, it was in total disrepair. Having been a rental for many years, the home had not been properly cared for. But they had the vision and drive to resurrect it to its former beauty, so the couple started from scratch, stripping the house down to the studs and remodeling the entire structure.

"By the time they started talking about replacing the inoperative baseboard heaters and old wood stove, Frank and Shellie’s remodel project was $70,000 over budget. They couldn’t afford to put another $8,400 on their credit card for a new heating system. There seemed to be little choice.

That was until their contractor, Oregon Ductless, told them about Energy Trust of Oregon's Heat Pump Upgrade with financing through the Craft3 Home Energy Loan and on-bill repayment through their PGE utility bill. The simple, no-stress process was a nice change after all the problems Frank and Shellie experienced with the house.

“Craft3 was wonderful to work with,” shared Shellie. “They made the whole process easy and convenient for me. I filled out a small amount of paperwork and selected the heat pump I wanted. Craft3 worked seamlessly with my contractor and took care of everything else.”