Community Crafted Lending

Improving lives across the Pacific Northwest by providing responsible capital for businesses, homeowners, nonprofits and communities.

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Finance Your Growing

Too many entrepreneurs with good ideas and strong businesses can’t access capital. Craft3 specializes in working with borrowers unable to qualify for bank financing. We’d love to help you finance your business or nonprofit.


Invest In Your Home

A home is much more than a roof over your head. Our loans let you invest in yours, whether through energy efficiency improvements, a septic repair or building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU).

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Ultimately, we strive to change inequitable systems so that all people and communities can access opportunities and prosper.

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Capital, Relationships and Voice

More Than a Lender

Craft3 is a nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). We use capital to invest in businesses, people, and communities. We empower entrepreneurs and homeowners by offering them resources to help chart their course, and we collaborate with many community and regional partners to create meaningful change. We're building a stronger Pacific Northwest.

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Making a Difference

Craft3 uses capital to help build a thriving, just and empowered Pacific Northwest. Since 1994 we’ve been making high-impact loans to businesses, homeowners, and nonprofits — especially those unable to access traditional financing.

Invest, Donate, Support

Get Involved

Creating a thriving, just and empowered Pacific Northwest is a multigenerational challenge that will require extensive collaboration, sustained commitment, and creativity. It will also require the support of partners, donors, investors, philanthropies, government agencies, corporations and more. We welcome your interest, partnership, and support.

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setting our course

Building A Stronger Pacific Northwest

Craft3 focuses on three regional challenges: Systemic Racism, Climate Crisis, and Rural and Tribal Economies. These challenges threaten to hold our region back and hurt us all. We address these challenges by using our core strategies of Capital, Relationships, and Voice. Learn more in our 2023-2027 Strategic Plan.

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Customer Stories

Our customers are remarkable and inspiring. Their ideas, energy, and visions are creating jobs, strengthening communities, and building financial stability.


Craft3 In The News


Annual Report 2023




We are committed to using capital, relationships, and voice to target our investments and create meaningful outcomes for people and communities across Oregon and Washington. Learn how Craft3's loans, targeted investments, and partnerships supported our new five-year strategic plan. Read our 2023 Annual Report.


Supporting our team




We’re pleased to announce new steps to help prevent burnout at Craft3 and give our team time to rest and recharge. ‍We are doing this because conversations with staff, survey results, and anecdotal impressions are very clear: too many on our team have been running too hard and not feeling sufficiently supported. ‍The following changes are an effort to offer some respite, expand how we support our workforce, and build a stronger and more sustainable culture over the long term. These changes prioritize employee needs and work-life balance so that we have the focus, energy, and creativity to provide the best possible service to our customers and communities.


Empowering Customers through Coaching and Business Services




To successfully expand access to capital, simply offering loans and adjusting underwriting criteria is not enough. Many entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurs of color, face substantial barriers in applying for loans. The language and concepts of finance can be mystifying and inaccessible. Trauma, including previous bad experiences with financial institutions, can compound the situation. And then there is the more universal challenge that small business owners face in making time to not only run the day-to-day of their business, but also to plan, strategize, and grow their business.


Craft3 Announces Leadership Updates




SEATTLE, Wash. (March 15, 2024) – Today Craft3, a non-bank, nonprofit community lender certified by the Department of the Treasury, announced leadership updates at its organization. The leadership updates were shared as part of the ongoing implementation of its Strategic Plan that looks to expand equitable access to capital, deepen its capacity to serve communities and build on an established track record that combines strong growth and effective, responsible operations.


Camano Island community takes the lead on septic solutions

Washington Department of Ecology




Wastewater treatment is an essential part of life, even if its usually in the background. However, when there’s a sewage issue, it is difficult to ignore. For years, the Maple Grove community on Camano Island has had to focus on their sewage. Through community collaboration and support from Ecology’s onsite sewage regional loan program, these neighbors are on their way to cleaner, safer water and better wastewater management.

Featured Resources

Tools and Tips

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For Businesses

The Definitive Guide to Getting Loan Ready

We want to make the loan process as clear and transparent as possible. Here are some resources to support business preparation and growth.

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For Businesses

Your Business Journey

We hope this business journey worksheet helps you think about your next steps and anticipate potential setbacks.

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For Businesses

Business Plan Template

A simple guide from the U.S. Small Business Administration to developing a business plan, an essential document for all startup businesses.