Energy Efficiency Upgrades for a Seattle Home

  • Low- or moderate-income homeowner
  • $3,550 in rebates and incentives leveraged
  • $290,000 of locally-owned real estate preserved
  • 5.6 metric tons of greenhouse gases averted

Tanya loved her 1900 Central Seattle home. But she didn’t love her oil furnace, which was very expensive to run. Nor did she love the fact that her home had almost no insulation. She needed to find a way to make her home energy-efficient and cut costs.

Then she saw a sign for Community Power Works in a neighborhood yard. Tanya was connected with HomeRX, a Seattle-based contracting company that provides energy audits and upgrades. Together, they selected upgrades that resulted in making her home warm and decreasing her energy use by 30 percent. Craft3 provided Tanya with a home energy loan for oil to ductless heat pump conversion, seal the basement and attic, and insulate the walls and attic.

Our investment in Tanya strengthens economic, ecological and family resilience by supporting economic growth, preserving assets, reducing impact on climate and minimizing impacts of communities on nature. After applying rebates and incentives of $3,550, Tanya’s project totaled $13,450. She strengthened locally-owned real estate and averted 5.6 tons of greenhouse gases.

Because her Craft3 loan is repaid through her Seattle City Light utility bill, the only thing Tanya has left to do if enjoy her home! With generous support from the Washington State Department of Commerce, Craft3 offers loans to help homeowners finance energy-efficiency upgrades.