Financing a Septic System for El Puerto de Angeles

  • 6 Jobs retained
  • Minority-owned business
  • 270,000 Gallons wastewater treated annually
  • $304,000 Locally-owned real estate improved

Alvaro Flores-Lopez has been in the restaurant business for more than half his life. He started as a dishwasher and worked his way up to manager in Mexican restaurants. Today, Alvaro owns three profitable restaurants with his wife Edelmira.

In 2012, the septic system at their El Puerto de Angeles restaurant started to fail. Alvaro had it pumped on a regular bases, which was very expensive, but it seemed to be getting worse.

After talking with a local septic professional, Alvaro learned that El Puerto needed its system and drain field replaced. Without a new septic system the restaurant could not remain open for business. With El Puerto de Angeles being located on the shoreline of the Hood Canal, immediate action was required to protect the canal’s water quality.

Alvaro worked with Craft3’s Spanish-speaking lender to secure a Clean Water Loan. He and Edelmira were able to obtain the funds necessary to replace the entire system and continue operating their restaurant. The loan gave them piece of mind and was more affordable than regular pumping.

The Clean Water Loan supports families and the environment by helping property owners stay in their homes while reducing sources of disease and contamination in local waterways.