Helping a single parent

  • Low-income homeowner assisted
  • $141,000 local real estate assets strengthened
  • 130,000 gallons of wastewater treated annually

When Terry Fischer’s toilet stopped flushing, she wasn’t sure what to do. Luckily, Hercules Hubbell from All County Operations did. They tried a few different things to get the septic working properly before it became clear that the system and drain field needed to be replaced.

"Unfortunately, the estimate was over $26,000; more than a single parent on a fixed income with a mortgage payment could afford. Again, Hercules knew what to do and told her to contact Craft3.

Craft3 was able to provide Terry with an affordable Clean Water Loan that covered 100% of the costs of her new septic system.

Craft3 offers the Clean Water Loan to cover the costs of designing, permitting, installing and maintaining residential and commercial septic systems. It helps property owners remain in their homes, protects the environment, support small business and create jobs."