A New Septic System for a Little Piece of Paradise

131,400 Gallons of wastewater treated annually

A septic loan before a catastrophic failure provided security and peace of mind.

Amber and Isaac moved their family to a rural 8-acre property so they could have their own little piece of paradise with a view of Mount Hood, farm animals, and plenty of room for their three children to roam.

When their 40-year-old septic system showed signs of failure, their little paradise was threatened. Unable to pay out-of-pocket for this major project, Amber did what so many of us do when facing a challenge. She asked the internet, Googling “septic loan.” Craft3 came up as one of the first results.

Once Amber connected with Craft3, she felt immediately relieved. “The experience was wonderful from the very beginning. I knew from the start that this was a company that really cares about customer service. Everyone I dealt with was warm and welcoming and they answered questions promptly and thoroughly.”

As soon as they found Craft3, the process moved along smoothly. Amber and Isaac felt well supported by their lender who was able to help them understand each step. They also both appreciated how human and customer-focused the whole experience was.

For Amber and her husband, Isaac, the most time-consuming part of the process was finding a septic company and getting on their schedule. They now have a brand-new septic system and can happily think about other things.