Amori Rix

she / her / hers
Commercial Credit Underwriter
"What formidable power we have when we stand together and lead with compassion."

As a key member of the Commercial Credit Underwriting team, Amori “just” asks a lot of pesky questions – but with those answers, she creates a compelling story about each client’s goals and dreams. The direct line between Craft3’s small business lending and the impact it can have on individuals inspires Amori, and her own words are equally inspiring:

“Through working with small businesses and providing financial coaching I have noticed that most people  have absolutely everything it takes to reach their goals. They just need confidence. Or permission? There is a moment when someone's eyes spark and they sit up a little straighter, and I know they see their value, their capability, their destiny so much more clearly. When I can help coax that out, those are proud moments for me.”

Amori joined Craft3 in 2022, having previously worked as a Credit Analyst at U.S. Bank. She supports IDD and differently-abled communities,  provides financial coaching to Catholic Charities, and is on the Board of the Hollywood Farmer’s Market. Amori has a degree in Supply Chain Management with a focus on Food, Beverage and CPGs.